A collection of spreads and covers designed, art directed, and illustrated for Pegasus Magazine, the University of Central Florida’s official publication. Published three times a year, the magazine features alumni, students, and faculty to share stories of cutting-edge research, technology, and impact in Florida and in the world.



We aim to enable and share stories of people and their ideas, amplifying their work. Pushing for diversity, equity, and inclusion in education, we cover stories that will impact our community and change the trajectory of our future. Collaborating with writers, photographers, and freelance illustrators from ideation to layout, I have designed and art-directed stories. Then, produced three times a year, the Pegasus magazine is continually receiving recognition, including UCDA Design Awards, national ADDY awards, and more.

Collage about why Irene Pons teaches at the border.
Lettering about how a former police officer is advocating for public and service reform.
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Each Pegasus page starts with the story, and I research the best ways to reflect the content. Using illustration, photography, and infographics, I aim to draw the reader into the story with engaging hierarchy and thoughtful design.

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