In this project, our class used mindfulness techniques from ideation to execution. Engaging in the present, we formed our own products with our individual experiences being aware and focusing on the moment.



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Part 01. Mindfulness Exercise

Starting with the exploration of mindfulness, we were instructed to observe an environment by focusing on each of the 5 senses.

Daily bus commutes are oftentimes chaotic and busy, and I dread it every day. I wanted to pay attention for one trip, and maybe it will be a different experience if I just choose to watch, listen, feel, taste (not really), and smell.


Part 02. Visual Outcome #1

One moment during that bus ride, there was a girl who sat in front of me that smelt like shampoo. Of course, people may smell like their recent activity. In my experience of spending almost 2 hours daily in a bus, there’s a certain group of people that smell a certain way. I, personally, know that I smell like coffee because I carry one with me. I chose three other groups of people who are fresh out of the shower, working out, or smoking and made them into perfume lines.


Part 03. Visual Outcome #2

Smells intrigue me. We can close our eyes for things we don’t want to see, wear a different sweater else if it’s itchy, and use earplugs if we don’t want to hear the noise. But smells, it’s always present.

During another bus commute, without looking, I could guess that the person directly behind me came from the hospital. After taking a glance, they are wearing scrubs which confirmed my guess — even more, they work there. It reminded me of a time in my childhood when I was admitted to the hospital for a week. My parents did their best to keep me entertained, they brought me notebooks and Play-Doh. And ever since, I've always associated the hospital and Play-Dohs together.

For this exercise, inspired by that memory, I forced a mash-up between Play-Doh bottles and prescription bottles (to represent the hospital). I named the bottles after modern adult problems as a play. Ultimately, this revealed to me that smells can trigger certain memories. Turns out, that’s also scientifically proven.


Idyll: Aromatherapy

Scents can trigger memories. Idyll is an aromatherapy, fragrance company that creates custom candles and solid perfumes for those cherished memories. You can order any scent that may hold dear, nostalgic, and meaningful moments. Idyll custom scents can create constant, long-lasting aromas that are therapeutic and uplifting, made just for you.

The Idyll logo is inspired by iron candle holders, paired with an expressive, custom brush script for how unrefined and dream-like memories are.  


Feelings can be greatly interpreted through color. The Idyll blue, also known as Yves Klein blue, is this search for a connection to the immaterial, a memory. In addition, holographic material not only visually represents feelings and temperature, but it’s highly reflective of any light present in the room. Fire brings warmth and the candle’s scents to life, and the light projects on the packaging (that acts as a holder) and can reflect colors — illuminating the space.

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