Commemorating an incredible 2018 football season, our Pegasus magazine team created a special issue, embellished in gold and meaningful traditions. New beginnings, challenges, and winning streaks made it memorable for the team, the fans, and the university.




As someone new to the university (and frankly, know nothing about football), I created this poster with a vision, ready to spend hours on research—learning history, watching traditions, and finding meaningful details. Each feature is curated by me and the team, it highlights historic moments during the season. The poster was created to raise funds, specially printed with metallic gold and silver inks.

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To start this illustration, I sat with the Pegasus team to gather the most important elements to include. I made a rough sketch and continued to make changes as I created the illustration, shifting important subjects and details, to make sure we didn't miss any important football experience.

In this poster, almost every detail has a meaning to UCF + UCF football. From orange tree leaves, and lines that can be found in the field, minute flourishes can be connected to something. Although, as for the main subjects, there are many to mention:

  • New beginnings: In 2018, Josh Heupel became the head football coach.
  • New faces: Knugget, the fun mini horse with the ‘Stare-down kid,’ staring right back at you amongst the fans.
  • Same, amazing traditions: The Bounce House, the roaring fans singing ‘Zombie nation’, and the Fight Song (for the Marching Knights), all three form the quintessential gameday experience.
  • Challenges: When the quarterback, McKenzie Milton, got injured later in the season, everyone — the fans and the team — got together to remember him going forward. Everyone wore leis, even Knugget, as featured in the poster because Milton hailed from Hawai’i.

There are several more, including many accomplishments and some icons that are deeply ingrained in UCF traditions, like constellations hidden among the skies.

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