USA National Wonders Stamps

Featured in LIGATURE 27–University of Florida’s Annual Design Symposium 2018


The US National Wonders stamp series are inspired by the essence of America – its diversity and history. The United States’ mixture of culture makes up and defines what America is today.

With the certain topics I did (Alaska, Buffalo, Light bulb, the Golden Gate Bridge, Instant Camera, and Jazz), I researched about their history and made it part of the stamp–like how different cultures, over time, contributed greatly to form America. I incorporated history through icons and other significant aspects that helped developed these objects. For example, a silhouette of Edwin Land, the inventor of the instant camera, is featured in my Instant Camera stamp as he shows an audience an instant camera film.

To create the stamps, I experimented with colors, that are related to the topics, and objects overlayed in different layer styles to bend colors and textures. In addition, I used halftone dots to mimic screenprinting because of its process–overlaying. I used this process to reflect America’s multiculturalism.