Type Book

A handmade, interactive book of combined exercises from Fundamentals of Typography class. The book focused on usage of type in 5 sections: anatomy, minimalization, body copy, hierarchy, and found typography.


01. Anatomy

Focusing on the anatomy of the letterform R, various typefaces will be studied and broken down. Comparisons of the letterform in different typefaces will be given and studied under categories of the main parts of the letterform R and its different family classifications.


02. Minimalism

Minimalization explores the legibility of individual letterforms. Different letters will be minimalized by other letters and shapes. All given letterforms kept its own legibility by maintaining its most essential parts.


03. Grids

In experimentation of body copy layout, various grids and different typefaces were used to create contrast among paragraphs. The grids act as a foundation for an effective layout. It gives alignment for an outcome of an organized composition.


04. Hierarchy

Color and size play a huge role in typography hierarchy. With the use of a 25-unit modular grid, experimentation of both objects and type were done to learn on how to lead the readers’ eye.

05. Found Type

In observation of alternate sources of typography, samples of business signage, print, 3D letterforms, and natural objects that form letters were gathered for study. Typography us mainly generated digitally. While typography can be manipulated on a computer, in cases, nature always has a way to warp letterforms that is unique and may be difficult to reproduce digitally.

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