Idyll: Aromatherapy

Featured in LIGATURE 27–University of Florida’s Annual Design Symposium 2018




Part 01. Mindfulness Exercise

This project started with an exploration of mindfulness. We were instructed to observe an environment by focusing on each sense. I decided to experience my daily commute differently by listening, watching, feeling, and smelling everything I tried to ignore in every bus ride.


Part 02. Visual Outcome #1

The visual outcomes are based on our notes that we jot down during the mindfulness exercise. First, we were prompted to create something based on an event that stands out.

I chose to focus on something I noticed last during the exercise. The girl who sat in front of me that smelt like shampoo sparked an idea that some people smell like their recent activities. In my experience of spending almost 2 hours daily in a bus, there’s a certain group of people that do smell particularly. I, personally, know that I smell like coffee because I carry one with me. I chose three other groups like people who are fresh out of the shower, working out, or smoking. I turned these smells into a bus perfume line.


Part 03. Visual Outcome #2

While focusing on smells during most bus rides after the initial mindfulness exercise, I noticed a particular person/smell that sparked an idea. I knew someone that worked in a hospital was standing beside me before I even saw that she was wearing scrubs. It reminded me of an event in the hospital I stayed at while I played with various toys to entertain myself; one of them was Play-doh. For this exercise, I forced a mash-up between Play-doh and prescription bottles because of the visual similarities and the smells during that event. I named the bottles after modern adult problems as a play. Ultimately, this revealed to me that smells can trigger certain memories.



Mindful Designer: Project Proposals


We were advised to create our project based off of or inspired by the quote, above, that we had to write ourselves as another result of the mindfulness exercises. I decided to go with the second proposal, below, and created Idyll.


Idyll: Aromatherapy

Idyll /ˈīdl/ noun: an extremely happy, peaceful, or picturesque episode or scene, typically an idealized or unsustainable one.

Scents can trigger memories. Idyll is an aromatherapy, fragrance company that ships custom candles and solid perfumes. Patrons request scents that would ideally be connected to a fond memory or environment–giving customers comfort. Nostalgic scents are usually rare to come across to, and when they do, it triggers a certain memory that we have likely forgotten. The custom fragrances would be constant, pleasant reminders that are therapeutic and uplifting.

Feelings can be greatly interpreted through color. I chose to use holographic foil because it reminds me of infrared–a visual representation of feeling, temperature, and how this memory can feel some type of way. In addition, I chose blue as the main brand color–specific to be Yves Klein blue. He made monochromatic paintings and this blue in search of a connection to the immaterial. And I visualize the immateriality of memory, overall, in this color as well.

Photography direction: Emily Tran